Nick Kahrilas has an experience of more than 18 years with different types of investors

One of the main factors that can limit or delay growth of a company is the lack of financial support. It is very difficult for a new company to get financial aid from investors. Even the established companies need financial assistance to meet requirement of their growing assets.


Nick Kahrilas has a long relationship with all types of investors in different parts of the world who can help you with all the financial requirements. There are lots of investors in European and Arabian Gulf regions it can be almost impossible for a company operating in America to convince them.



Kahrilas Group consists of a dedicated financing company, Monster Lending LLC that offers bridge loans against Californian properties that falls into the category of non-owner occupied properties. Kahrilas Group Insurance Services is another important wing of Kahrilas Group that offers a wide range of insurances including property insurance, captive insurance etc. 

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