Nick Kahrilas and Group Provides Unparalleled Results in Management of Clients Financial Portfolio

Nicholas Kahrila is the CEO and President of Kahrilas Group. The team includes experts in wealth management, insurance, investments, taxation, & estate planning. Risk & tax management strategies are provided that include a bend of several proven tactics to minimize financial risks and optimize after tax returns.


Different services provided

Kahrilas Group insurance

This multi-dimensional advisory company concentrates in protecting and developing the developing assets for HNWIs. The team works with clients, so as to define and attain their financial goals. In addition, protect their wealth, by combining risk and tax strategies along with access to unmatched investment opportunities.


With Kahrilas Group you get to leverage with experienced investors of every kind based in Arabian Gulf and European regions. There is no need for full-time staff in these regions to cover.


Monster lending

Monster Lending, LLC, is a financing company through which nick Kahrilas Group provides bridge loans on Californian properties occupied by non-owners.


Pacific risk and captive

Kahrilas Group is an independent risk management & captive insurance consulting agency. They provide efficient risk & captive solutions to offices, HNWIs, family and commercial businesses. Captive insurance works well for mid to big sized companies spending minimum $200,000 yearly on casualties, insurance and property.


Kahrilas Group has partnered with PACRisk to obain coverage tailored to their unique risks instead of standard coverage provided. Tax benefits are provided and you can gain from its structure because it is encouraged under Internal Revenue Code.


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